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Dining Room Sets

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To compare items, select the "Compare" button for up to 5 products. The items will be grouped in the Comparison Region once selected.

Dining Table Sets

Think about where your family comes together after a long day or week. For many families it is the dining room. Sitting around the table together, eating, sharing stories, and enjoying some quality family time. This also includes those holiday gatherings and other special events. This is why a dining table set, be it a modern dining table set, an extending dining table set or a round dining table set, is of such high importance. At American Freight we want you to have the ultimate dining comfort for a great price. At our stores and on our website you will find an ample assortment of dining table sets that will fit your home and family perfectly. A quick tip to ensure perfection is to make sure you measure for the proper size and space. You can use our filters when searching the designs to narrow down the options. If you need more help, or if you are not sure what you need, our experts will be happy to assist you at the American Freight store near you.


3, 5, 7 Or 9 Piece Dining Sets

You know your home better than anyone. You know the space available for that perfect dining room set. Are you looking for a 5 piece dining set, or perhaps you love to host gatherings and need a 7 or 9 piece dining set? At American Freight, you will find all varieties and sizes of dining sets to fit your home. After all, the dining room is really where families get together to enjoy one another's company. You know your style and know exactly what you want, and at our locations or on our website you can find the perfect dining table set to suit your needs and preferences. At American Freight, you can find standard height dining table sets in a wide variety of finishes and styles. From a petite five-piece dining set to an eight-piece dining table set complete with chairs and a bench, there's a dining set for everyone. No matter your tastes, American Freight has the perfect set for you.


Modern, Farmhouse & Rustic Dining Sets

Spacing in itself is important, but the next step is to choose the perfect style that suits your house design and decor. Have you used our filter options to choose the proper color that you want? American Freight has all the styles and colors that you need or want. Are you looking for a nice glass table or maybe you are more of a rustic dining set fan? Explore our extensive range, which includes contemporary, casual, and wood dining sets and furniture. Browse by style to find the set that's right for you. Complete your eat-in kitchen or dining room with a table thatâ s built to last. Our dining table sets offer great quality for an incredible price. Check out our table sets with upholstered seats, accent benches, simulated granite, and more. We keep tons of styles in stock at every location so you can bring home your new dining set today!


Corner, Extending, Round & More!

No matter the size or shape of your home, the features of the dining table itself needs to be a consideration. Is your home craving a long table but you just don't have the room for it all the time? Consider choosing an extending dining room set, so you have the space again after the party is over. Our product range includes a vast selection of shapes and sizes, including square and rectangle. Maybe you prefer being able to talk to everyone at the table at once? Then a round dining table is a perfect solution for you! This way everyone is a part of the conversation and can maintain eye contact with all. Take your pick from our range of colors too, such as our black, brown, white, and grey dining sets. Maybe you would like to have a bench instead of regular chairs? This allows for more people to be at the table with fewer pieces to buy. It is a great addition for a breakfast nook, and gives a more casual look with an added flexibility.


Ultimately what matters is what is perfect for you and your home. At American Freight we have all the styles and designs that you are looking for.. All you have to do is come to the location nearest you or browse online from the comfort of your own home to find these amazing deals at affordable prices. Keep money in your pocket when you choose one of our durable dining room table sets. We handpick our products to make sure every penny you spend with us goes toward a quality table set you can enjoy for years to come. Stop by your local American Freight to shop the latest styles.