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Get To Know Our Open Box Deals

Slightly imperfect for the perfect price

Unboxing The Mystery: What Are Open-Box Appliances?

Open-Box items are like hidden treasures–a big-name appliance that costs a fraction of the original price. We call them OpenBox because they are not brand new in the box items.  These gems are often in like-new condition and offer a budget-friendly way to bring quality appliances into your home, complete with a touch of sustainability. Our Open-Box refrigerators, ranges, washers, dryers, and other appliances are rigorously tested and certified, and come with a warranty. 

All over our site, we’ve tagged our Open-Box appliances with our distinctive Open-Box icon, making it a breeze to quickly spot the deals on the appliances you want, need, and love.  

You can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on top brands like GE, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, and Frigidaire. That’s because our Open-Box appliances will cost you a whole lot less than the same model boxed up in traditional packaging. Plus, the beauty is, you could upgrade to a fancier model without breaking the bank. 

Oh, and guess what? When you buy an Open-Box appliance, you’re not just saving money–you’re saving it from the landfill. Ok, the stove doesn’t care, but the planet does, and so do we. 

Simply Imperfect for The Perfect Price 

Clever slogan, for sure, but what does “simply imperfect” really mean? The truth is, we’re kind of vague about that term because it can mean a bunch of different things. For example:

  • It got dinged, dented, or scratched traveling from the factory where it was made to the retailer who was planning on selling it. Or enroute from the delivery truck to someone’s home. 
  • It was overstocked. A retailer had too many and wanted to get rid of them. 
  • A customer returned it because it was too big, too small, the wrong color, or they just had second thoughts. 
  • It was a floor model in a store (more like no-box) 

Decoding Our New Grading System: A Guide to Open-Box Deals 

The reality is most of our inventory is the result of, you guessed it, open boxes. The shipping box was opened only to reveal the fridge is not the right color, the range is too wide, the dishwasher door handle is cracked, or the side of the dryer has a scratch. So, when an appliance gets sent back, we buy it, fix it up, and certify it. Then we knock the price down A LOT and sell it to you. 

We know purchasing Open-Box appliances requires careful consideration. That’s why we have created an easily identifiable, color-coded system for grading each Open-Box appliance, making shopping online and in-store a breeze. Here’s what the different grades mean: 

How Does American Freight Score Big with Open-Box Deals? 

Intrigued yet? At American Freight, our commitment to providing exceptional value goes hand in hand with our Open-Box deals. We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality appliances without the hefty price tag. Through a meticulous process of sourcing Open-Box items, including overstock merchandise, floor models, and customer returns, we secure top-notch appliances at amazing prices. By passing these savings directly to our customers, we turn the concept of Open-Box into a win-win scenario. But fear not—we’ve made sure your appliance is in great condition through rigorous testing, repairs, and thorough cleaning, all to ensure you receive a top-notch product. Sounds amazing, right? 

 ***Appliances are returned to the retailers 

***American Freight receives the returned items 

***Appliances get tested, repaired & thoroughly cleaned 

***Our customers receive epic deals on Open-Box appliances   

 Can I Trust Open Box Appliances? 

You betcha. You can put your trust in the thorough and rigorous American Freight Certification Process (more on that in a sec), along with a 1-year warranty PLUS the ability to purchase an extended warranty. And remember, our Open-Box appliances come directly from manufacturers you know and love and trust. 

Certification is Serious Business 

With more than 370 American Freight stores in 40 states, our name is extremely important to us. We wouldn’t put it on anything that didn’t uphold our highest quality standards. That includes the American Freight Stores Certification Process. It’s thorough, rigorous, stringent, and all the other adjectives that say we make sure every Open-Box appliance works just like a brand new one. 

All Certified Products: 

  • Are rigorously tested for full, like-new functionality. 
  • Have any missing parts replaced 
  • Are refurbished with replacement parts for mechanical defects found during testing 
  • Are fully cleaned and sanitized 
  • Follow the American Freight  return policy 

 Do You Have Delivery, Hook-Up, & Haul-Away? 

Yes, yes, and yes. We provide all the standard services you’re familiar with at big-box stores. We bring the appliance to your home, get it all set up, and take away your old one. 

Still have questions? 

Fantastic. We are here to help you find exactly what you need. Contact  your local store to speak with a sales associate on the phone or drop in and check out all our goods in person. 

Posted on September 27, 2022 at 08:31 PM
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