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Freezers are on sale at American Freight! Take advantage of discounts on new, out of box and scratch and dent freezers.
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To compare items, select the "Compare" button for up to 5 products. The items will be grouped in the Comparison Region once selected.

Freezers On Sale

Find the perfect fit for your kitchen needs with American Freight's selection of freezers for sale. Choose from chest freezers, upright freezers, deep freezers, small freezers, and commercial freezers with great features like easy rolling wheels, mini sizes, frost mounted adjustable temperature control and enhanced airflow to ensure that all foods are kept at the proper temperature.

American Freight offers a wide range of brand name freezers from Kenmore,Frigidaire, Kenmore Elite, Whirlpool, and other great brands. Looking for Maytag freezers? We have those for sale too! Choose from a selection of sizes ranging from 5 to 25 cubic feet and a variety of colors, including stainless steel, black, white, and grey to match your kitchen decor. Discover small chest freezers, stand up freezers, small deep freezers, compact freezers, under counter freezers and so much more.

American Freight offers a variety of options for freezers on sale, so you can find your style and price, and find the best freezer for you. Whether you're looking for a new or scratch and dent freezer, refurbished freezers, used freezers, or any other cheap freezers from our freezers for sale selections. American Freight has great options for you to choose from. If you're looking for a great fridge to compliment your standalone freezer, why not check out one of our Samsung French door refrigerators? Browse other fridge designs like freezerless refrigerators, compact refrigerators and specialty refrigerators. American Freight has great sale prices on other appliances and accessories for the home, like range hoods, warming drawers and dishwasher and disposal accessories.

Browse the wide selection of sale price items in the refrigerators & freezers, cooking appliances, washers & dryers and dishwashers & disposals sections.

Freezers Buying guide:

  • What Size Freezer Do I Need?
    • The size of the freezer you need is dependent upon your individual needs and the space you have available. Check out American Freightâ s freezers on sale now to find the right size for your kitchen.
  • How Much Does A Freezer Cost?
    • The price range of our freezers at American Freight starts from around $300 for basic models and goes up to around $3,900 for more advanced and sophisticated models. The cost is determined by the freezer's complexity, features, and capabilities.
  • What Are The 3 Types Of Freezers?
    • The three most common types of freezers include chest freezers, upright freezers, and refrigerator-freezers combinations, all of which American Freight has great options for.
  • How Much Energy Does A Freezer Use Per Day?
    • The size of the freezer determines the wattage per day. For example, a smaller freezer with approximately 15 cubic feet of space takes up approximately 0.8219 kWh daily, whereas a larger freezer may take up to 1.78 kWh daily.
  • What Is a Defrost Freezer?
    • A defrost freezer, otherwise known as a frost-free freezer, is a space where the freezer temperature goes in and out to prevent ice build-up within the freezer itself.
  • How Much Space Is In A Normal Freezer?
    • The freezers at American Freight range from a size of 14.8 cubic feet to 21.7 cubic feet for our largest freezer.
  • What Capacity Freezer Do I Need?
    • Depending on how much you usually keep in your freezer, our range of freezer sizes will provide you with the perfect option for your home.
  • What Is Better: A Chest Freezer Or an Upright Freezer?
    • A chest freezer has great capacity and efficiency as a convenient option for storage. Though chest freezers usually contain more storage capacity than vertical freezers, upright freezers are a great option when you are dealing with a more narrow space.
  • Which Brand Is Best For Freezers?
    • American Freight has numerous options regarding the brand of your freezer, including Frigidaire,Whirlpool,GE and more.



  • What Temperature Are Freezers?
    • The temperature to assure your food stays fresh and frozen is less than zero degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degrees celsius.
  • How Much Are Deep Freezers?
    • Our freezers are available at prices ranging from approximately $300 for basic models to around $3,900 for more advanced and sophisticated models. The price of each model depends on its complexity, features, and capabilities.
  • Where To Buy Freezers Near Me?
    • American Freight offers a wide selection of freezers on sale near you. Check out our store locator at the top of the page to find a store near you.
  • Who Has Deep Freezers On Sale?
    • If you are interested in looking for a deep Freezer on sale near you, check out American Freightâ s collection of deep freezers in a variety of sizes and styles at affordable prices.
  • How Energy-Efficient Is A Freezer?
    • The energy efficiency of a freezer can vary depending on its make and model. It is important to check the energy efficiency rating of a freezer before purchasing it to ensure that it meets your energy consumption needs. Though freezers take up a good amount of energy, the annual cost can be low depending on the model of your choice.