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Save big on dishwashers at American Freight with discounts on new and as-is items including floor models & scratch and dent dishwashers
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Best Dishwashers On Sale

New, Scratch and Dent, Refurbished, and Out of Box Dishwashers at Great Prices!

Shop American Freight for a wide range of dishwashers for sale and enjoy the ease of no longer having to wash your dishes by hand! With so many choices, you're sure to find the best dishwasher for you.

Our models include built in dishwashers, and portable dishwashers and come in a large variety of styles. In addition to the classic 24 inch dishwasher, we have sizes ranging from small, medium, tall, and large, (measured in inches and cubic feet). Looking for a stainless steel dishwasher? Find stainless steel, black, white and other color dishwashers for sale at cheap prices at American Freight. Shop top-rated dishwasher brands at American Freight. You can find Kenmore dishwashers, GE dishwashers, and dishwashers from Whirlpool, and KitchenAid. Check out dishwashers with features like 5+ cycles, super quiet decibel levels (as low as 48), AquaStop (to prevent leaks), as well as Energy Star eco-friendly options. Looking for a used dishwasher? Why not check out one of our refurbished, scratch & dent or new dishwashers, all available at discount prices at American Freight.

American Freight also offers a variety of options for dishwashers parts and accessories, so you can maintain your appliance. American Freight has cheap prices on home and kitchen appliances including top freezer refrigerators and washers. Browse the wide selection of sale price items in the refrigerators & freezers, cooking appliances, washers & dryers and lawn & garden sections.


Dishwashers Buying Guide:

  • How much does a dishwasher cost?
    • The price of a dishwasher can vary depending on the brand, model, and features of the dishwasher you purchase. At American Freight, our price for a dishwasher ranges from around $200-$1,400.
  • What are popular dishwasher brands?
    • Some popular dishwasher brands include GE Appliances, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire. American Freight offers these brands and more, at affordable prices.
  • What is the most popular dishwasher size?
    • The most popular dishwasher size is 24 inches, which is the standard size for built-in dishwashers.
  • What are the different types of dishwashers?
    • There are three main types of dishwashers. These include built-in dishwashers, drawer dishwashers, and portable dishwashers. Check out the American Freights complete dishwasher buying guide



  • Which brand of dishwashers is the most reliable?
    • Some of the most reliable brands of dishwashers include GE, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire. These and other top brands can be found at American Freight at affordable prices!
  • What are the top 5 dishwashers?
    • The top 5 dishwashers can vary depending on factors such as features, brand, and price range. However, some highly rated dishwashers often include options from well-known brands such as Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire, and Samsung.
  • What is a good price to pay for a dishwasher?
    • A good price to pay for a dishwasher depends on the features and quality you are looking for. American Freight offers a range of dishwashers at different price points. This includes affordable options such as lower-priced models starting from $200-$300, as well as higher-end models priced around $1,300, which offer excellent features and quality.
  • What is the number 1 dishwasher?
    • The number 1 dishwasher for you depends on your preferences, specific requirements, the desired features and quality, and your available budget.
  • Are dishwashers energy efficient?
    • Many modern dishwashers are designed to be energy-efficient and have earned Energy Star certifications. These dishwashers typically use less water and energy than older models and can help you save on utility bills.