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Kitchen Warming Drawers & Food Warmers

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Warming Drawers

Warming drawers are on sale at American Freight! Buy now & save!
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To compare items, select the "Compare" button for up to 5 products. The items will be grouped in the Comparison Region once selected.

Warming Oven Drawers

Shop American Freight for a large variety of warming drawers for sale at cheap prices. Kitchen warming drawers allow for ideal warming temperatures without drying out food. Adjust the temperature and a warming drawer transforms into a slow cook drawer, perfect for your next pot roast, stew or soup.

Choose from top rated warming drawer brands such as KitchenAid, LG, Dacor, Kenmore Elite and more. Our food warmers also come in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from 24, 27 and 30 inches and from colors such as stainless steel, white and more! We also offer some great Kenmore small kitchen appliances to go along with your new food warmer.

American Freight offers a variety of options for cooking appliances and accessories, including a nice selection of General Electric small cooking appliances, so you choose the style and price that is best for you. Browse items like ovens, cooktops and warming drawers. American Freight has great sale prices on other appliances for the kitchen and home, like freezers, dishwashers and dryers., and more!

Warming Drawers Buying Guide

What are the best warming drawers?

The best warming drawers are found in American Freight’s signature collection of appliances. With brands like GE and Kenmore, there are many options for fantastic warming drawers to browse.

How much do warming drawers cost?

Warming drawers cost from less than $350 to more than $800 on average.

What are recommended brands for warming drawers?

The top-rated brands that we recommend are GE and Kenmore.

What are the standard dimensions of warming drawers?

The standard height of a warming drawer is 10-11 inches, while the depth can range from approximately 25 inches to 28 inches. Many measurements also go by the ? of an inch to be more precise.

Where to buy warming drawers?

To find the warming drawer that suits your home, check out American Freight’s vast collection.


What are warming drawers?

Warming drawers are a great addition to your kitchen to help with smaller tasks including keeping your food warm, helping the dough to rise, and keeping meals fresh.

How do warming drawers work?

Warming drawers keep a consistent low heat temperature by generating energy to ensure your dishes stay warm. Warming drawers are also helpful in helping dough rise or proofing it.

What food types are warming drawers used for?

Warming drawers are used for dough, meats, or vegetables.

How hot do warming drawers get?

The standard warming drawer can heat between 50 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit.