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Item # 81747 | Model # KMHS120EBS | SKU # 22081747000-TRB4612148
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KitchenAid KMHS120EBS 2 Cu. Ft. Microwave w/ 7 Sensor Functions - Black

Item # 81747 | Model # KMHS120EBS | SKU # 22081747000-TRB4612148
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KitchenAid KMHS120EBS 2 cu. ft. Microwave w/ 7 Sensor Functions - A Versatile Appliance for Everyday Use

The KitchenAid 2 cu. ft. Microwave w/ 7 Sensor Functions is sure to be the most popular item in your kitchen. User-friendly features like sensor functions that automatically adjust cooking times, and a keep warm function that keeps cooked foods at the perfect temperature until they're ready to serve, are designed with your busy life in mind. With a cookshield finish to look cleaner, longer along with professionally-inspired handles and controls, this microwave makes a sleek, modern addition to your home.

  • Extra-Large Size Tackles Nearly Any Cooking Job

With a roomy 2.1 cu. ft. size combined with 1000 watts of power, this wide-capacity microwave easily heats up bigger containers of food and quickly defrost frozen items.

  • Sensor Functions Takes Away Guesswork

An intuitive design automatically adjusts the time needed to prepare, reheat or defrost for more even results without worrying about power levels or cooking times. A sensor steam/simmer cycle even offers a precise finishing touch depending on food type.

  • A Stoppable Turntable For Added Versatility

The interior glass turntable cooks food evenly by rotating constantly throughout the cycle, but can be safely stopped if the shape of the dish blocks the rotation.

  • Food Stays Warm Until You're Ready to Eat

Got a last minute phone call or a late dinner companion? The handy Keep Warm function works at 10% power, keeping cooked dishes at the perfect temperate until you're ready to serve.

  • Keep Your Microwave Looking Ship-Shape with Less Maintenance

An innovative Cookshield finish lets you easily wipe the interior clean without the need for abrasive chemicals, so it looks brighter for longer periods of time. 

  • Professional-Inspired Design Offers a Sleek, Stylish Look

Satin textured handles and precision touch controls offer a true gourmet-quality appearance, making this microwave a sophisticated addition to your home, as well as functional one.


COLOR FAMILY   Black Stainless Steel
DEPTH IN.   16.25
FUEL TYPE   Electric
HEIGHT IN.   17.25
WIDTH IN.   30

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